Calacatta Countertop Inc.

Kitchen Countertops, Vanities & Fireplace Mantel


Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen plays a significant role in our daily life. It is the place to energize your day with a cup of coffee and a hearty breakfast. It is where your family and friends gather to prepare and share meals, enjoy a good conversation, and spend quality time together. Stone countertops can be a masterpiece for visual appreciation, which enhances the atmosphere and environment for you to enjoy dinners with families and friends. Your guest will have a lasting impression on the beautiful, sumptuous, and elegant countertop to accompany each of these memorable occasions.

Bathroom Countertops

Bathroom plays an important role is where you start and finish each day.  Bathroom Vanities can provide space for you to brush your teeth, wash your hands and face, comb your hair and apply your makeup, etc. Bathroom countertop is a very important place for you to organize all your hygiene products.

Fireplace Mantel

Fireplace Mantel or fireplace backsplash is always a focal point of the house, which is one of the most fundamental elements in interior design as well. It is also the first place that your guest’s eyes should land when they enter your house. With that in mind, it is obvious that you have to make sure you have chosen the right piece of stone to upgrade your place.